Saturday, 7 March 2015

Tom 'The Atom' Anable to attempt the World Monowheel Landspeed Record

The Date has been set, i have applied to Guinness World Records to let them know about my attempt in advance, got a lot of work and practice to do in the next 3 months!!! Thanks to Straightliners News Channel for running these events!!!!
There will be two British teams attempting this record, Me and the UK Monowheel Team ... Get behind us and lets bring the World Single Wheeled Vehicle Speed Record Home to Britain!!!!

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Lord Atom Anable to Attempt World Monowheel Speed Record

This year Tom 'the atom' Anable will attempt to break the current guinness world record for 'Fastest Monowheel Motorcycle'. 

A monowheel is a singled wheeled vehicle within which the rider and engine are housed within the wheel.

Tom's first attempt will take place at The Straightliners yorkshire mile and british national records event, elvington airfield Yorkshire. 

On the 16th and 17th May 2015 he will attempt to break the current record of 57mph set by American Kerry McLean in 2001.

You may have seen Tom performing at various stunt shows across the country, drag races, motor racing circuits or displaying at bike nights like the ace cafe with his current 'Anables Atom' monowheel machine.  

To break the record Tom must ride his new monowheel currently under construction named 'An Atomic Infinity' over a flying 1/4 mile course at a average speed in two directions within one hour to achieve a guinness record.     

30 year old Tom from Winterton North Lincolnshire is a previous British monowheel top speed record holder has been building and riding his own Monowheels and pedal monocycles for over 8 years now, with plans to turn it into a future form of motorsport and push the speed record to over 200mph in his life time.